Business growth strategies

Growth strategy consulting for ambitious tech startups

Business growth strategies

Growth strategy consulting for ambitious tech startups

by Taran Saini
86% of buyers are willing to pay more for great customer experience. Priorities often shift for Startups on a high-growth trajectory as they progress on their journey. With the help of an expert business growth consultant, you can easily close the gap between customer expectations and what they experience. At Seven Startup Advisory, our growth strategy consulting solutions are flexible to meet your individual goals and specific challenges.

Startup Growth Strategy

We offer unparalleled expertise in tech startup funding and deep experience in strategic salesand understand the pressures of each growth stage and the demands made by VC partners and other investors. Providing you an external perspective on your strategy – product-market fit, customer profiling, proposition development, business strategy. Driving revenue – lead generation, brand awareness, sales conversion, and a complete marketing strategy. Building scalability – process automation and a complete growth strategy.

Strategic Marketing

A range of growth strategy consulting services for the most ambitious tech start-ups. Strategic planning – winning marketing strategies integrated across channels to drive performance. Lead generation – bespoke lead generation programs to meet immediate business goals and long-term KPIs. Campaign execution – integrated digital campaigns designed to cut through all the noise and amplify your brand messages. Brand positioning – credible branding solutions focusing on customer relevance and competitive differentiation.

Business Management Consultant

Marketing & Growth

We develop growth strategies based on your products and services, improve ROI and better engage your customers. Key benefits:

  • Improve pipeline value
  • Increase conversion rates
  • Boost customer lifetime value and loyalty
  • More effective sales and marketing operations
  • Increase ROI on $ spend

Firstly, we develop a customer experience strategy then design a growth strategy for winning new customers or driving customer loyalty and growth.

Using the insights from the customer experience advisory process, we help you design an improved customer experience.

Our team develops a roadmap with scheduled delivery then embeds new customer growth across your operations and channels.

We systematically measure and manage the new customer growth and experience – measuring customer acquisition linked to revenue or commercial value.