Acquire funding with our winning startup pitch deck services

Acquire funding with our winning startup pitch deck services

by Amit Khanna
Seven Startup Advisors work with founders by creating a business model pitch deck that introduces investor psychology and testing hypotheses – the product-market fit, financials, product development and more. Our business pitch for investors focuses on supporting founders to prepare for investment by building out a robust plan to achieve rapid success. We deliver an industry-standard VC-friendly investor pack including a pitch deck, business plan, and a financial model that stands up to due diligence.

Pitch Deck and Investment Strategy

Our business model pitch deck, business strategy, and fundraising advisory result in winning pitch decks, product roadmaps, business plans, and robust financial models. We help you get out of the weeds of your own paradigm and clarify your pitch to get funded. Our investment advisory services can help you in positioning your startup as a company that’s on a mission to disrupt and change something that’s fundamentally broken in the world.

Pitch Deck Components

Smart investors make holistic decisions about the quality of a startup in its entirety and not simply a decision based on projected sales and the current direction of the market you’re targeting. We help with your business pitch for investors to entice and connect with prospective funders. What does the company stand for, the problem and solution – providing a clear context? Is it really a problem? What’s the solution to the problem? Is it a painkiller vs vitamin? Our goal is to get you competitive term sheets from multiple investors.

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Pitch Decks that Raise Capital

The Seven Startup approach combines business and technology expertise to get you funded. Our advisory and deliverables are designed for speed of investment and time-to-value.

  • Overview – company, problem, solution, etc.
  • Problem – is it a real problem, problem validation?
  • Solution – what’s the solution to the problem?
  • Target Market – What is the TAM, SAM, SOM & LAM?
  • Traction – MVP or prototype, revenue or customers?
  • Financials – 3 year or 5 year model?
  • Competition – why is the team right for this challenge?
  • Cash Injection – why is this needed and how will it be used?
  • Summary – what do we want the investor to remember?

How is your product going to solve the problem? Make sure you clearly lay out the benefits of your solution.

What is your target market? How big is the market? The more stats and data you can accumulate, the better.

How are you going to get customers? And how are you going to bring in millions of dollar of revenue and make investors happy?

Who are you going to go head-to-head within the market? For Airbnb, it was hotels. For Uber, it was cabs.

Investors want to be assured that they’re going to be able to make their money back, they want to know exactly how you’re planning to earn revenue.