Get funding for your business with our proven strategies

Get funding for your business with our proven strategies

by Amit Khanna
To obtain tech startup funding, startup founders should work with an experienced business strategy consultant to incorporate investor psychology. Investors seek asymmetrical ROI – resulting in startups facing pressure to attain rapid success and achieve milestones tied to KPIs such as users, customers, revenue, bookings and other measures of profitability. At Seven Startup Advisory, we work with you to develop a winning investor pitch book incorporating an innovative business model and aligning the product and business strategy, simplifying processes to achieve rapid growth.

Financial Models for Startups

Focusing on your growth, we provide you with a business financial consultant who is results-oriented and efficient. We’re data-driven, we help the founding or executive team to focus on the business and your customers. First, we identify the potential for sales and associated costs then do a deep dive into your execution strategy and processes. We assist you to unearth pitfalls and costs that will directly impact the success or failure of your business, helping envision future levels of demand and changes required to successfully implement the right financial and business strategy. Then modeling a cogent plan for executing successfully.

Being Right is the Wrong Goal

Targeting rapid growth comes with numerous pitfalls to navigate including pressure on infrastructure, people and resources. A good financial model consists of two things, well thought out projections about the future of the business and a properly structured, understandable, and dynamic spreadsheet. At Seven Startup Advisory, we help you acquire tech startup funding by developing a well-constructed financial model which illustrates a professional approach to running the startup, and that the founders are capable of managing external capital.

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Getting you Funded

Fundraising is complicated. We help you move from big ideas toward an actual product and to growth by understanding investor psychology and raising money.

  • Financial Model – advisory aligned with product/service market-fit & execution strategy
  • Cost Breakdown – structure including employees and other outgoings
  • Assumptions – revenue growth, cost of goods as a % of revenue, salaries, benefits, depreciation, tax rate
  • Churn Rate – average monthly subscription paid upfront, monthly recurring & more
  • Sales & Marketing – commission rate for channel partners
  • Balance Sheet – income statement, cash flow statement
  • Metrics – lifetime value of customer, customer acquisition costs & more
  • Sensitivity Analysis – and a company valuation model

For pre-seed startups we review and develop the concept, preliminary market research and viability. Develop the vision, mission, pitch and financial projections.

We help you identify key product or services, conduct extensive market research, market and demographics. Identify clear roles and responsibilities of the founding team.

Investigate distribution channels, new market development and visibility. Product-market fit and getting you close to break-even.

Best-in-class solution and help you to scale up operations, international expansion, achieve rapid growth and implement an agessive advertising strategy.