We help you find promising startup investment opportunities

We help you find promising startup investment opportunities

by Taran Saini
At Seven Startup Advisory, we qualify innovative companies with high potential to disrupt traditional markets. We help you invest in tech startups and own a piece of an innovative startup with ease, our consultants pre-vet seed and early-stage startups. Our qualification process means quality comes before quantity, offering investors the opportunity to access a well-balanced and diversified portfolio. We not only evaluate but actively consult the founders and startups we represent.

Investment Opportunities

Access a world of dynamic startup investment opportunities, buy into businesses you believe in and share in their success. We have a unique model that allows business angels to invest in tech startups either directly or through a diversified portfolio approach curated and managed by our team.

Vetting Startups

Investors seek opportunities to invest in exciting young startups, though it is virtually impossible to identify which startups will be trailblazers. Seven Startup Advisory represents a diverse set of highly accomplished business and technology leaders, and a methodology to identify risk factors that can cause a startup to fail early. We omit companies that present an excessive risk level, focusing on high-quality startup investment opportunities.

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Criteria for Success

Our Advisors inform, advise, and guide founders as they make tough decisions about how to invest in startups and generate the greatest return on investment for investors. Distinguishing the companies we represent for investment to:

  • Demonstrate high growth capacity
  • Have scalable business models
  • Generate real value for their customers
  • Understand investment as a way of financing early-stage growth
  • Efficient financial plan in the use of capital

At Seven Startup Advisors a named professional leads every deal, doing expert due diligence, asking better questions and negotiating the best terms on behalf of our investors.

We look for teams that combine experience, expertise, and the right mindset to bring forward the ground-breaking products and services they are building.

We are agnostic about the sectors in which to invest, this is the basis for good diversification. We rule out sectors including weapons, pornography, tobacco, etc.

We represent companies that are well managed financially, efficient in the use of capital, focused on creating businesses that generate value for clients and investors.