Invent new industries and disrupt with our investment fund

Invent new industries and disrupt with our investment fund

by Amit Khanna
Seven Startup is an early-stage technology angel investment fund. We provide startup financing to fast-track a founder’s vision and create value through immediate access to smart capital. Our success is dependent on the success of the companies we’ve invested in – we invest in startups to provide founders unfair advantages, a lifelong community of support and a global network built on our experience working with exceptional entrepreneurs.

Early Investment

We invest early, anywhere from $25k to $500k, with a direct focus on internet, mobile and software startups. We target startups that have the high potential to vastly scale – $1B+ market caps, potential to be a valuable, and country or global market leader. Our investment fund provides financing with a focus on accelerating the fundraising process and appreciating the speed of accessing funds. Following our initial investment, we actively work towards your next round of funding, connecting you to institutional investors from across the globe.

Backing Ambitious Founders

We provide founders full-service and attention of our partners, accessing one partner means access to all. We chase after outliers and provide founders unfettered smart feedback, and a playbook of tried and tested tactics you can apply to your business. We care more about the magnitude of the return if things work, and less about minimising risk in a company’s early days.

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The 7 Difference

We love bold entrepreneurs that see disruption as their destiny. We provide a unique combination of mentorship, experience, and access to investment required to drive your business and ideas to success. Created by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs, assissting you with:

  • Funding
  • Support and mentoring
  • Connections and shared learning from other founders
  • HR, legal and operational support
  • Guidance on marketing and growth strategies
  • Product and technical assistance
  • Identify and connect with follow-on financing & Exit planning

Seven Investors have built successful companies, and our operational partners include leaders in process design, engineering, and marketing.

We provide access to engineers and data scientists to work side by side with portfolio companies to solve critical problems and push the frontier of technology.

We like taking risks on brilliant people and products. We prefer to work with founders who are technical or domain experts in their industry.

We’ve grown up in the tech industry. We partner for the long term and work side by side with our portfolio every step of the way.