Startup direct ideas to boost startup growth and value


Startup direct ideas to boost startup growth and value


by Taran Saini

Drive growth and achieve success with our startup direct ideas. We can help you ideate an innovative startup growth strategy to get you funded for global exposure.

How to Prepare for Venture Capitalists

A unique and disruptive startup idea lacks teeth without sufficient capital backing the startup. Funding is the lubrication for startups to develop the growth strategy, product-market fit, and execution. In general, startup founders either bootstrap or approach angel investors for seed funding to get their business off the ground. However, as the startup matures founders […]

GDPR for FinTech Startups

The General Data Protection Regulation came into force on May 25, 2018, and has introduced the strongest data protection rules to protect EU citizen data on a global basis. For many FinTech startups working in or targeting the EU, the GDPR should make you think about how you manage your data in a transparent, responsible […]

7 Tips to Successfully Invest in Startups

7 Tips to Successfully Invest in Startups To invest in startups is risky by nature, especially when compared to other investments, such as equities. Following early-stage investing rules, despite carefully thought out hypotheses and frameworks, is still difficult. “Golden rules of investing” often do not consider experience, the preference or value add of an investor, […]

7 Tips for an Investor Grade Startup Financial Model

7 Tips for an Investor Grade Startup Financial Model A great way to showcase your disruptive startup’s potential and growth strategy to investors is through a well thought out startup financial model. As a startup founder, your goal is not to convince every investor but to convince the right investor. Sometimes, investors lose interest because […]

7 Rules for a Winning Startup Pitch Deck to meet Investor Expectations

7 Rules for a Winning Startup Pitch Deck to meet Investor Expectations: This article is amongst the first in a series of articles on startup funding, startup culture, and investor pitch deck from our team here at Seven Startup Advisory. At Seven Startup Advisory, our team of consultants has years of experience in reviewing pitch […]

7 Rules for Raising Funding for Early Stage Tech Startups

7 Rules for Raising Funding For Early Stage Tech Startups For every startup owner, the biggest challenge is acquiring the right amount of funding. Getting investors to invest in startups can be a formidable task. Despite an innovative idea and detailed plans, startups fail if they don’t have a reasonable financial runway and a robust […]

7 Top Tech Startup Growth Strategy Tips

7 Top Tech Startup Growth Strategy Tips: When starting a new company there are challenges and obstacles along the way. Over the last decade, the tech industry has seen rapid development resulting in a surge of tech startups entering the market. For a first-time tech entrepreneur, navigating this highly competitive industry while acquiring the required […]

How can Startup Advisory fuel your Startup?

Whether your startup is seeking seed funding, innovative marketing strategies, assistance with finding the best employees or all of the above, getting the right advice can be crucial to growing your startup, and one of the best sources of advice and guidance can be derived by engaging a startup advisory. Startup consultants typically possess both […]

Drive Innovation and Startup Success using Data

Startups can utilise data to grow and improve the performance of their business but can be late adopters, primarily due to lacking data experience. Some invest in data and analytics technology but have yet to realise the payoff, while others are still wrestling with how to take the initial steps. At Seven Startup Advisory we […]

Startups – Competing in a Data driven World

The age of Startups & Analytics – Competing in a Data-driven World In recent years the connected world has created a new resource: data, whilst data and analytics capabilities have made a leap forward. The volume of data continues to double every three years causing fresh challenges for businesses – identifying the data available and […]