How can Startup Advisory fuel your Startup?

by Taran Saini

How can Startup Advisory fuel your Startup?

by Taran Saini

by Taran Saini

Whether your startup is seeking seed funding, innovative marketing strategies, assistance with finding the best employees or all of the above, getting the right advice can be crucial to growing your startup, and one of the best sources of advice and guidance can be derived by engaging a startup advisory.

Startup consultants typically possess both the expertise and experience, so partnering with an outfit that consults startups can help get your business get off the ground or unstuck swiftly. Early-stage businesses can benefit from outside experts to assist with execution, as well as providing strategy and training to save time, money and aggravation.

Impartial Advice

With many balls up in the air, startups are prone to becoming insular basing decisions on the internal team’s experience; knowledge, and expertise. Often ignoring market changes which can hinder business progress and performance. A startup consulting firm, on the other hand, can provide unbiased and constructive criticism on the business model, execution strategy, identifying critical success factors, all whilst taking market forces into account.

Management Advice

Today, it’s fair to say that we’re in the era of a startup boom, there are favourable conditions for young entrepreneurs to launch businesses. They may have an MBA straight out of top B-schools and decide to follow their passion, rather than working for someone else. However, often, there is a gap in managerial experience or knowledge to steer the venture in the correct direction, due to age and next to zero experience. A good startup advisor excels in such an environment, guiding a young CEO on priorities around strategy, finance, marketing, HR, automation and more.

Roadmap for Success

Most startups build out their product or service organically and lack a solid roadmap, and some lack clear objectives to progress. A defined strategy is crucial for businesses of all sizes, for startups, a clear strategy is imperative to control the burn rate and extracting value from all activities and engagements. Startup advisors can assist the executive team to dissect their vision to identify a clear strategic plan for execution.


Startup consultants possess a wide range of experience and expertise, they also bring credibility to your startup, allowing CEOs to focus on growing as efficiently and quickly as possible. The right growth and business development strategy for an early-stage startup are priceless, to open doors within larger organisations or firmly directing the sales strategy to long-term focused growth.

Market Research

Utilising market research, for data-driven business decision making can be the difference between success and failure. The information obtained from conducting market research can include but is not limited to, data on your customers’ needs, and competitors’ abilities and trends within the industry. To avoid spending thousands or millions of pounds developing a product or service that ends up being a bad fit for a specific market – professional startup consultants can be engaged to provide detailed analysis of your target market, current and future trends; identifying a niche in which your startup stands the best chance of succeeding. A market research based marketing plan can pinpoint your primary focus, especially if the business plans on entering into a new segment or territory.

Working with a startup consultant can provide fledgling business guidance in all aspects of running an organisation. An experienced consultant can help with steering your business, based on what has and has not worked in similar situations, which can ultimately save you time and money in both the short and long-term. After you’ve justified the idea of hiring a startup consultant, the only problem you’ll have is – which consultant should you hire?

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